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October 27, 2012
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Injured pupil by FemaleJester1212 Injured pupil by FemaleJester1212
This scene came before the picture titled "Akuma will pay...".

This is after Akuma had beaten Jessica up by giving her bruises, blood spots, a broken right arm etc.

Now Skeletor is carrying his pupil bridal style back to Snake Mountain. Skeletor is thinking about how Akuma will pay for what he had done.

Before this...

Akuma: (seen Jessica walking) You again!

Jessica: (feels her scar aching in pain, ignores it) >:[ Akuma...after so many years I thought you'd never turn up...not even on Eternia-

Akuma: SILENCE!!!!!!!! I'm here to kill you...

Jessica: I'm immortal! DUMMKOPF!

Akuma: (dangerous voice) I don't care...I'm still gonna kill you...

Jessica: ......... (runs off)

Akuma: COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!!!!! (spreads his wings and flies after Jessica)

Jessica: (still running) (pants) (thinks: "Gotta get back to Snake Mountain!") (groans) (feels the urge to cry) Where's Skeletor when I need him?!!?! Where's his minions when I need them?!?! Where's Super Buu when I need him?!!!?!? Where are all the rest of my favorite people when I need them?!?!?!? (still running) (wants to cry)

Akuma: (still chasing after Jessica)

Jessica: (tears run down her face in loneliness, fear, angst, frustration, and sadness) (trips over a log and falls to the ground) Owwwww.... T~T

Akuma: (finally reaches Jessica) (holds her to the ground)

Jessica: (angry) >:,,,[ Get o-o-off of m-m-me....

Akuma: >:}...

Jessica: (tears run down her face more) ......

Akuma: (beats Jessica up)

Jessica: (yells in pain) OWWWW!!!!! (tears run down her face)

Akuma: (takes out his sword) (raises his sword and puts it on her arm)(his sword spikes weaken her)

Jessica: (feels tired and weak) (tears run down her face)

Akuma: (bites the back of her neck and sucks her blood, hoping it will kill her)

Jessica: (gasps in pain)

Akuma: (about to strike Jessica) ......... (gets blasted by someone) (is thrown to the ground)

Jessica: (closes her eyes, waiting) ........ (doesn't feel anything) ... (opens her eyes) .......?..... (looks up and sees Skeletor standing in front of her, his back to her)

Skeletor: (has came in time) (has used his havok staff to blast Akuma out of the way) (looks back at Jessica) (sees tears running down her face and sees the places where she's beaten) Are you alright......?

Jessica: (shakes her head slightly) (tears still run down her face)

Skeletor: You're hurt.......

Akuma: (on the ground) ACH! (looks at Skeletor) >:[...

Skeletor: (turns back to Akuma) And what did you think you were doing....?

Akuma: (rolls eyes) Attacking her, what does it look like, skull-face?

Skeletor: (his eyes glow red) I may blast at least one of my minions once in awhile because they're idiots.......but if someone messes with them, the one who attacked my minions is gonna have to face me!

Akuma: (gets up) (dangerous voice) >:[ You blasted the wrong hybrid, skull-face...

Skeletor: (his eyes glow red) (about to blast Akuma again) Prepare to feel pain!

Akuma: (rolls eyes) -_- I don't have time for this! (flies away)

Skeletor: (watches Akuma) ...... (his eyes soon stop glowing red) ........ (looks at Jessica)

Jessica: (tears still run down her face, about to pass out)

Skeletor: (bends down to Jessica's side) (wipes the tears from Jessica's face) (gentle voice)'s gonna be're okay...... (strokes Jessica's back in comfort, hoping it will calm her down)

Jessica: ........ (fresh tears roll down her face) .........Owww.... (still feels pain) ............ (about to pass out) ......... (sobs quietly to herself from the pain)

Skeletor: (still stroking Jessica's back in comfort) (soothing voice)'s okay.....

Jessica: (passes out)

Skeletor: (wipes the tears off of her face) (scoops Jessica in his arms) (carries her bridal style back to Snake Mountain)

Back to the present....

Skeletor: (still carries Jessica) (thinks: "I'll get Akuma one messes with my minions and gets away with it.....Ugh.....I can't believe I'm going soft....")

Jessica: (still unconscious)

This is my first time at drawing someone being carried.

2002 version of He-man.

Jessica belongs to :iconfemalejester1212:, the rest I don't own!
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Btw, this is weird, but I was listening to the song Sakura Kiss while reading the description
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I never heard of the song. I'm gonna listen to it when I'm home.
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