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These are my drawings!

:evileyes: Steal from me without giving me credit/asking permission, I'll make you regret it...okay? :D

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You're Lucky to be Immortal by FemaleJester1212
You're Lucky to be Immortal
Happens after this:…

Obviously, Jessica is still shackled and is not liking what King Hiss is saying about her working for him. And Jessica can't think of a way to get out of there.

Jessica: (tears still roll down her face) (to King Hiss) J-Just let me go!

King Hiss: (to Jessica) That's not going to happen. You are gonna serve me.

Jessica: (to King Hiss) (tears still roll down her face) (wishes that Skeletor was alive and with her) Get away from me!

King Hiss: (grabs Jessica's arm roughly) You know, you are lucky to be immortal, otherwise I would kill you right now.

Jessica: (gasps in slight pain at King Hiss' hard grip on her arm) (tears still roll down her face)

Yes, I still can't figure out what to color the background.

I own nothing except Jessica!
Jessica in a Kamui by FemaleJester1212
Jessica in a Kamui
I've been watching that anime titled "Kill la Kill", and I gotta say that anime was good. :)

Then I decided to draw Jessica in a kamui cuz I was bored. She obviously doesn't like wearing it since she doesn't like outfits like this. The funny thing is that Jessica is embarrassed about wearing it, just like how Ryuko Matoi was embarrassed of wearing a kamui at first. XD

However, unlike Ryuko Matoi's kamui, Jessica's kamui is black, dark gray, and light gray and the shirt part of her kamui has long sleeves and she's wearing black combat gloves. Her black skirt has light gray vertical stripes to it.

And how she found the kamui is that the kamui had its own magical vibe to it, and it clung to Jessica.

Jessica: (looks at her kamui) (blushing) (sounding angry and embarrassed) Oh no! DON'T tell me I'm wearing this piece of trash!

I own nothing except Jessica!
Unable to Escape by FemaleJester1212
Unable to Escape
I couldn't make up my mind of what I wanted to color the background.

In this, when King Hiss found out that Skeletor was killed by Akuma, he decided to make Jessica unconscious and capture her while she was outside, seeing that since Skeletor wasn't alive anymore he wouldn't prevent King Hiss trying to capture Jessica. And now, Jessica is shackled by magic-proof cuffs to the wall so then it would be hard for her to escape (but Scarseca can come in and out of Jessica by using her magic since the shackles aren't on Scarseca).

Jessica: (woke up) (looks around and freaks out, noticing that she's in King Hiss' lair and that she's shackled) (tries getting out) (grunts) (tries teleporting out of the shackles) What...? How come my magic won't work?

King Hiss: (in the shadows) Don't you realize that you can't get out because I made it so that your magic won't work on it?

Jessica: (heard King Hiss, recognizes his voice, but doesn't see him clearly since he's hiding in the shadows) King Hiss?

King Hiss: Yes. (comes out of the shadows)

Jessica: (looks at him in anger) Why did you kidnap me?!

King Hiss: Since I've heard that Akuma killed Skeletor, I used that to my advantage to bring you here. I may hate Akuma, but I gotta say that I'm glad Skeletor's dead. I always knew Skeletor had low quality skills with magic and fighting.

Jessica: (tears well down her face in frustration from the insult King Hiss made about Skeletor and remembering how Skeletor was killed) (to King Hiss) (looks angry) Skeletor was trying to get rid of Akuma so then Akuma wouldn't be a problem to me and him anymore in case ya didn't know!

King Hiss: But Skeletor did fail at that. He always was weak. You and Scarseca wasted time being his minions. Why bother wasting time with being Skeletor's minions? Skeletor has always been terrible with magic and he always will be.

I own nothing except Jessica, Akuma, and Scarseca.
Would anyone like to rp?


Artist | Student
United States
Name: Jessica

Gender: Female

Birthday: Dec. 12th

Age: 19

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green/hazel (I wish they were dark gray! :()

Hobbies: Swimming, softball, listening to music, playing video games

Height: 5'5-ish

Personality: A nice, adolescent that enjoys fun at times. I tend to be sarcastic on some days, but I'm a nice person in general. I tend to worry too much (but I don't have an anxiety symptom, but teenage angst). I also think of myself as quiet (most of the time), mysterious, and a bit stand-offish.

Favorite movies: How the Grinch stole christmas (Jim Carrey version), A Bug's Life, Ice age, Shrek, Madagascar, Harry
Potter series, Toy Story, Monster's Inc, Garfield, Aladdin, Austin Powers, Happy Feet, Robots, Shark Tale, Finding Nemo, Yes Man, Ace Ventura, The Road to Eldorado, Night at the
muesuem, Dumb and Dumber, A Christmas Carol, Star
Wars, Winn-Dixie, Happy Feet, Charlie and the Chocolate

Favorite TV shows: Red Dwarf, Vicar of Dibley, Everybody
Loves Raymond, The Penguins of Madagascar, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Fairly Odd parents, Spongebob Squarepants (the old episodes of it), The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Ed Edd N Eddy, He-Man

Favorite bands/singers: Rammstein, Evanescence, Pink, Avenged Sevenfold, The Fray, Green Day, Maroon 5, American Rejects, One Republic, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Garmarna, Black Veil Brides, Nightwish, Katy Perry, Lacuna Coil,

About me: The reason I'm FemaleJester1212 is Female so you
won't mistake me for a boy, Jester because I think it's short
for my name (Jessica), and 1212 is my birthday
(December 12th).

Favorite color: Dark gray, dark green, dark blue, dark purple, black, red,

Nationality: American

Believes in: Having own rights,

Doesn't believe in: Ghosts, the world ending in 2012,
fairytales, good and evil (I sorta do),

Favorite villains:

Hopper (bug's life) pixar

General Mandible (Antz) Dreamworks

Randall (Monster's Inc) Pixar

Lord Farquaad (Shrek) Dreamworks

Soto (Ice Age) Blue Sky Studios/20th century fox

Ratchet (Robots) Blue Sky Studios/20th century fox

Zurg (Toy story) Pixar

Chick Hicks (Cars) Pixar

Hades (Hercules) Disney

Jafar (Aladdin) Disney

Don Lino (Shark Tale. Although he turned out good in the end)

Foosas (Madagascar) Dreamworks

Tzekelkan (The road to El Dorado) Dreamworks

Happy Chapman (Garfield) Twentieth century fox

Likes: Dogs, cats (they're okay), math, science, history, mythology, legends, jewelry, nice people, clothing, compliments, chocolate, popcorn, grasshoppers (or any other bug that doesn't bite or sting people or vegeterian bugs), rainbows, snowy days, cell phones, music (it depends on what it's playing), idioms, long words, drawing, writing, golden retrievers, being a member on sites, gala apples (yummy), tea, video games, getting days off, getting emails that I'm expecting, anime/manga, the German language, gothic stuff,

Background ethnicity: 1/16th French, 1/16th Irish, 1/16th English, part German, and part Scandinavian (Swedish and Norwegian)
swedish blood stamp by solhusetProud to be German by WearwolfaaBritish stamp by Bourbons3:thumb124294586:France Stamp by phantomNorwegian Stamp by Temporus-Polaris

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